ServiceMaster First Response

sm_v68xj4 | January 19, 2017

Restoring Your Peace of Mind

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Is that Mold or Mildew? What You Want To Know!

admin | May 18, 2016

When did you first learn about mold?  Most likely back when you were a child in school.  There are many experiments that can be fun and exciting when it comes to mold.  Doing one in your home however is not…..

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The Clean You Expect

admin | May 3, 2016

At ServiceMaster First Response we hold ourselves to the highest of cleaning standards. This week we had the opportunity to aid another local business with their office furniture. The image to the left is of a waiting room chair. To…..

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We Clean Up What Plumbing Leaves Behind.

admin | April 19, 2016

We cleanup what plumbing clogs like this leave behind. As this root system grew, it clogged the main drain from the house. That clog is only a little part of the trouble. What happens to the water that can’t get…..

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Now Hiring in the High Desert, Mountains and San Bernardino

admin | February 18, 2016

Please Share! We are looking for a few GREAT people to join our team here at ServiceMaster First Response.  We are one of the original franchises in Southern California tracing our roots in this community to 1960 when the doors…..

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One of our new commercials

admin | November 18, 2015


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